The Iu Mien culture in the United States dates back to the end of the Vietnam war, when waves of refugees sought asylum in America.The majority Iu Mien now live within the United States, with significant population concentrations throughout the Pacific Northwest, including areas in California, Oregon, and Washington.

On July, 7, 2007, the Iu Mien celebrated their 31st anniversary in the United States.

The Iu Mien came from the other shore of Nam Ging and are part of the Yao people. In an ancient time Iu Mien had lived on the other side shore of Nam Ging and practice spiritual from teaching of the temple. Up on a time there was a drought for three years there.Most of the living creatures and plants died. The Iu Mien had to find ways to survive and then built two huge rafts or ships to escape the drought by crossing the sea from the other side shore of Nam Ging. One ship was heading to Dong Ging and lost contact during the sail in the sea . The surviving ship of Iu Mien people then settled in China. After that the Iu Mien spread to Vietnam and Laos.

From 1940s to 1960s, the Iu Mien spread to Thailand and Myanmar (Burma ).

During the Laotian Civil War, from the early 1950s to the mid-1970s, the Iu Mien sided with CIA and other forces backed by the United States. When the war ended in favor of the opposition, many of the Iu Mien fled to Thailand. From there, many of them received sponsorship to reside in the United States. Today, the Iu Mien make up a colorful and spiritual society within the American population throughout the United States.

We sincerely hope you’ll visit the Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple in order to experience both the culture and spirituality of the Iu Mien people that has persisted throughout their group’s historic trials and tribulations.