The Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the public find health, happiness and well being through Mahayana Buddhism. To explore for benefits of Buddha's blessings and protections for all of us . Blessing mean healthy, happiness and wealth and protection mean guard against sickness and unwanted events.

The religion of Mahayana Buddhism, is focus on understanding Buddha's compassion and teachings to help all the sentient beings to end sufferings. It is precious to obtain a human body this life and to reach highest happiness is to reach Buddha's world " the Ultimate Bliss and the Supreme enlightenment. " The doctrines teach that we all human be kind, respectful to each other, to continue to improve for peaceful lives for all of us, our families, our communities, our country and the world.

The cultivators can focus on the cause and affect to eradicate bad Karma. Find peace of mind, increase happiness and realize wisdom and follow Buddha's path to the Ultimate Bliss and attaint Supreme enlightenment.

Located in Gresham, Oregon and service to the Portland Metro area, the Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple is a hub for the lu Mien community and every one. Meditation and chanting here can be as much a cultural experience as spiritual, as you meet and learn about a culture and philosophy which is thousands of years old and has persisted across all cultures and eras. We hope you will join us today in order to learn more about the Buddha's energy and power which exists in all aspects of the universe and how your mind and body can become attuned to this energy.


Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple

5905 SE Salquist, Gresham, OR 97080, US

(503) 663-6089