Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple Inc

Chanting Services

瑤 族 佛 光 寺
Iu Mien Buddhist Light Temple
Iu Mien Fuc Njang Miuc

5905 SE Salquist Rd, Gresham, Oregon 97080
Email: iumien.buddhalighttemple@comcast.net
Office: (503) 663-6089

We are Mahayana Buddhist tradition and organization.
We provide Buddhist sutra/mantra, Buddhist reciting, Buddhist teaching, Buddhist principles, Buddhist resources and Buddhist study. We Pray to provide Blessings for happiness, peace, good health and wealth for all families, our city, our country and the world.

Mienh waac. Yie mbuo sie zeiz zaangc fuc nyei domh njaaux wuov nyungc miuc. Yie mbuo maaih fuc nyei gingh sou caaux zioux nyei sou. Tengx nimc ging nyei jaauv, njaaux fuc nyei jaauv,fuc nyei gornh-baengx, maaih baaix fuc yieth zungv longc nyei jaauv aengx caaux kaauv zuotc fuc nyei jaauv.
Yie mbuo nimc ging baaix fuc cui bun buonh-buonc hmuangc-doic, mbuo nyei mungv, mbuo nyei deih-bung caaux zuangx lungh-ndiev maaih baengh-orn, maaih cing-gitv, buonh-sin waangc caaux butv-zoih.

When you need a Buddhist Temple, come to Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple. We have many years providing Buddhist Teachings and Buddhist Principles. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and our friendly congregation. For a great service in Portland Metro, OR call on Iu Mien Buddha Light Temple
Call us today at (503) 663-6089.

Mienh waac. Meih qiemx zuqc longc fuc nyei miuc nor meih haih daaih lorz Iu Mien Fuc Njaang Miuc. Yie mbuo liepc daaih duqv camh hyiangx-aqv. yie mbuo haaih njaaux duqv fuc nyei jaauv caaux fuc nyei gornh-baengx. Yie mbuo tengx yie mbuo- ganh caaux tengx mienh jiex daaih yaac maaih longx nyei jaauv caamv nyei.
Yie mbuo yaac tongx nimc doic nyei. Meih qiemx zuqc longc tengx longx Nyei jaauv nor meih haaih lorz Iu Mien Fuc Njaang Miuc.
Heuc Lorz yie mbuo Ih-hnoi (503) 663-6089.

We are open to help every one. Every one can come and join us.
Yie mbuo haaix daauh yaac tengx. haaix daauh yaac haih juangc yie mbuo.

Language served: Mien, Lao, Thai and some Mandarin.
haaih Tengx nyei waac: Mienh, jaenh laauv, Taaiv caaux deix guoc yiv.

Sutra/Mantra Texts.
We recite/sing sutra/mantra in Chinese mandarin. All our sutra/mantra reading texts are in Chinese, Mien and some texts has English translations.

Mienh waac.
Ging/ zioux nyei sou. Yie mbuo nimc ging/zioux nyei qiex yie mbuo longc guoc yiv qiex. Yietc zungv gingh sou maaih jaenh kaeqv nzaangc caaux mienh nzaangc. Maaih deix gingh sou nor maaih aang gitv nzaangc nyei.

Our Services
Yie mbuo nyei nzieh weih nyei jaauv

chanting/pray Services:
nimc ging nyei jaauv

on Saturdays 10:00 Am First Session and 11:00 AM 2nd Session
First session: Great Compassionate Mantra
or Eighty-eight Repentance Sutra.
2nd Session: Noon offerings mantra/sutra
1. Great Compassionate Mantra is recited every other Saturdays
2. Eighty-Eight Buddha repentance is recited on the week of the 1st & 15th of Lunar calendar (Asian calendar)

juangc fiou.
leih baaix-luoqc hnoi 10:00 lungc ndorm daauh borqv 11:00 deih nyeic borqv.
daauh borqv: nimc domh korh lienh hyiouv zioux umv-faiv
nimc betv zietv betv fuc jaev zuiv.
deih nyeic borqv: Nimc fongc horc lungh aanx ging/zioux.
1. domh korh lienh hyiouv zioux nqaeqv norm leih baaix-luoqc nimc nzunc.
2. betv zietv betv fuc jaev zuiz ging nimc nitv saengh yietv ziepc hmungz.
wuov norm leih baaix luoqc.

Morning Daily Services:
We recite/pray Mantra Shurangama morning services daily.
Lungh ndorm ging:
Yie mbuo nziouv nyei ndormh-ndorm nimc lerngv yienx zioux.

Noon Daily Services: Tuesday - Fridays 10:45 AM
Recite Eighty-eight Buddha repentance
& some times Great Compassionate Mantra.
following Short Noon offering.

Lungh aanx ging: Leih baaih-nyei-leih baaih hmungz 10:45 lungh ndorm.
                                 nimc betv zietv betv fuc jaev zuiz ging ungv faai nimc domh korh lienh hyiouv zioux.

Evening Daily Services:
We recite Amitabha sutra for evening service daily
Lungh muonz nimc or mi tuorx ging.
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